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Metro’s Best – Drinks

by Metro Spirit

67. Best Bar
69. Best Pickup Bar

The Country Club
pic-2With plenty of room to party on its gigantic dance floor, a friendly and professional staff that work hard to keep patrons happy and amazing live music on a regular basis, The Country Club is a fun place to get a great drink with your friends any day of the week. Also, there are pool tables and an array of bands to keep you entertained until the wee hours of the morning. With such a great atmosphere, how could you not find someone to love?

Visit augustacountry.com.

68. Cheapest Place to Get Loaded

Alley Katz
Known for its inexpensive draft beers and domestic pitchers, Alley Katz specializes in patrons ready to eat, drink and be merry. As one fan says, it’s probably the only place in town that you can get loaded for less than $20. Just don’t forget to bring along a designated driver or call a cab after a fun night out.

Call 706-667-9801.

71. Best Karaoke

The Loft
Downtown’s The Loft is a great place for a live rock show. The Bastard Suns will be there on Friday, October 6, with Smooth and the Bully Boys on October 17 and the Unmentionables on October 23. Weeknights, though, the amateurs have a chance to shine at karaoke which, unsurprisingly, gets a crazier and crazier as the night wears on. So pull up a barstool, order a beer (or a shot of Jagermeister) and try not to laugh too hard. It’s rude and your mother would be ashamed.

Call 706-828-6600.

72. Best DJ

Kris Fisher

krisfisher-13It’s been quite a year for Mr. Fisher. While settling into his new job as Program Director for HD 98.3, Kris has also been growing his “Life of the Party” mobile DJ business. Since the start of his career working radio gigs in Georgia, Texas and Florida, Kris has managed to rack up over 14 years experience DJing and MCing. A much loved on-air personality, Kris is all about the community, good tunes, his beautiful wife Monica and their family. Our readers probably know him best from his weekly column but you can always catch him on HD 98.3, or book this DJ through his Facebook page.

Visit facebook.com/LifeOfThePartyDJService. 

73. Best Happy Hour


shannonsLocated in an office complex right past Red Wing Rollerway on Washington Road, Shannon’s is an Augusta institution worth seeking out. Every hour spent at Shannon’s is a happy one, and prices are such that they don’t have to rely on traditional happy hour specials.

“Our bar brands are $3 a drink and our premium brands like Crown are $5,” Manager Barbara Robinson told the Metro Spirit. “And our most expensive drink is $7. If it’s a Long Island Iced Tea I think they charge $10 for that, but you can’t get a Crown and whatever for $5 anywhere.”

Draft beer is inexpensive, Fireball shots are about half what other bars charge and weekend specials include martinis on Friday nights and shots on Saturdays.

“We’ve got the best drink prices in town,” Robinson says. “I don’t know anybody who has them any cheaper than that.”

But Shannon’s doesn’t just specialize in good and inexpensive drinks; cook John Wheeler takes pride in the fact that as many people come to Shannon’s for his menu and nightly specials as they do for the drinks.

Menu favorites include the BLT hoagie, the 12-ounce ribeye and a gargantuan hamburger that, on Monday, is offered with chips or fries and a beer for $5.

“The key is cooking things fresh. and everything is all nice and clean back there,” he says, pointing to the kitchen located behind the U-shaped bar. “It’s all mine so there’s nobody else to blame but me if people don’t like the food, but I don’t have any complaints.”

“You need to come back and have our hamburger,” he continued. “I promise you you’ll love it. It’s the seasoning. I have a special seasoning for hamburgers, I have a special seasoning for fries and one for pork chops, too.”

The ribeye, Tuesday’s special at $11.95, is served with a salad and what Robinson likes to call a “mystery potato.” That’s because no one ever knows what Wheeler is going to whip up.

“I’ll sometimes do a baked potato, a scalloped potato or an au gratin potato,” he shrugs. “Really, it’s whatever I feel like making.”

Shannon’s formula — delicious food, well-priced drinks, nightly live entertainment with no cover charge and a friendly staff — has earned them a coveted top spot in Augusta’s bar scene. And if you’ve never been, Robinson says there’s one simple reason why you should.

“We’re the best bar in town,” she says. “We have entertainment every night, we have great food, great bartenders, great prices on our drinks. It’s just a neighborhood bar: lots of fun, lots of nice folks. There’s no other place like it in town.”

Call 706-814-7760.

76. Hottest staff

Twin Peaks
With the slogan, “Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views,” you can probably guess what keeps loyal customers of Twin Peaks coming back for more. Of course, Twin Peaks offers hearty, made-from-scratch comfort food and draft beer served at a teeth-chattering 29 degrees in a lodge-like atmosphere surrounded by dozens of high-definition flat screen televisions. But most customers can’t forget the very friendly and always attentive “Twin Peaks Girls,” dressed in small plaid tops that, well, let’s just say aren’t meant to keep them warm.

Visit twinpeaksrestaurant.com.